Why do we need this website?

Less than a year ago I started a website called We Are Cousins and its main focus was South Texas and North Eastern Mexico Genealogy. Requests on that website for resources and information about other parts of Mexico, is my main motivator for starting this website and also all the requests on how to start doing Mexican Genealogy research. I just hope that with time I will be able to build this website into one of the best resources when it comes to getting started with Mexican Genealogy and also as a one stop for evreyone in search of their Mexican ancestors. Also any advise or suggestions are welcomed, hope to hear from you soon.


Moises Garza

About Moises Garza

I have doing my family genealogy since 1998. I am also the creator of this blog Mexican Genealogy, and my personal blog We Are Cousins. To always be up to date with both of these sites follow me on facebook. Please feel free to contact me for anything.

2 thoughts on “Why do we need this website?

  1. Patricia Stanard

    Hi Moises, I am a follower of your We Are Cousins blog. I am also part of ProGen15. One of our assignments was to do a locality guide on a location that we are researching. Well I did mine for the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. I have searched for several days to find online and non-online helpful sites and they are included in my guide.

    I think this is a much needed website and if you are interested, you can use my locality guide. Please email me at tricia520@gmail.com if you would like to use it.

    Patricia Stanard

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      I would really appreciate it if you would let me use it on the website. Also if interested in doing a guest post about your experience let me know. I am also personally interested in Zacatecas since my research has led me there. Also please let me know if i should change anything to make the website better.

      Moises Garza

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