Links to Mexican Genealogy Resources, Websites, and Databases


The following websites are websites related to Mexican Genealogy, Mexican History, and Preservation. If you would like me to add your website or blog to this list please contact me.

Mexican Genealogy, Blogs, Forums, Databases, and Websites


Face Book Mexican Genealogy Pages


  • Mexico Genealogy Forum – GenForum by, excellent place to post inquiries about Mexican Genealogy and or search for ancestors.


  • Danny Villarreal – Family Database but his research goes back to the first settlers of Mexico of whom alot of us have as common ancestors.
  • PARES – Database containing document of Spain and Its territories including Mexico.
  • FamilySearch – Best genealogy website ever for it’s extensive browsable online documents of Mexican birth, death, and marriage records both from the church and the civil government.
  • Raul N. Longoria’s Genealogy Database – This is the database of Raul Longoria and contains thousands of names from all over Mexico.


  • Coin Collecting Headquarters – Did your ancestors do any coin collecting and you have received their collection then you might want to check this website out to learn how to preserve and or maintain your coin collection.


  • Danny Villarreal – A website dedicated to the Villarreal last name but highly recommended for the excellent information that is provided and all the links that are available to other resources.
  • The Genealogy Of Mexico – Gary Felix’s website about the early settlers of Mexico and History, many other resources too.
  • Guadalajara Dispensas – Lists of names extracted from the Matrimonial Dispensations in the archives of the Catholic Diocese of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Nuestros Ranchos – Genealogy of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes
  • Raul Longoria – Family website of Raul Longoria with deep roots in South Texas and Mexico.
  • Mexico GENWeb – Mexico Home page for the GEN Web project.
  • Hispanic Genealogy – Contains some good stuff about Mexican Genealogy.


The following software has been tested and used by me and I highly recommend you use it, since I have done extensive research and in my opinion these ones are the best out there.

Also if you would like to share your favorite software and it is not listed let me know so that I may review it and thus add it to this page for everyone to enjoy.

Android Apps

File Rename and Photo Resizer

FamilySearch Image Download Tool

Family Tree Databases

  • Family Tree Builder – Is free and it is a great starter software, used it for many years and still use it from time to time.
  • Family Tree Maker – This is paid, but it is the one that I use since it lets you upload your data to their website for easy collaborating with family or to just keep it safe.

Gedcome to HTML

  • Ged2Web – Used to convert your Gedcom into HTML.

Image and Photo Editor

  • Corel Paintshop Pro X4 – This is my work horse for scanning, editing, and making images, it is not free but it is worth the price.

Image and Photo Cutter

Modify Gedcom

Ebook Maker

PDF Printers

  • CutePDF – Don’t waste paper PDF Printer for Genealogy.

Data Backup

  • Dropbox – Gives you 2 gigabytes of online storage for free.
  • SyncToy – Easily lets you transfer data between drives and hard drives..
  • Box – Gives you 5 gigabytes of online storage for free.

Transcription Software

Text/HTML/PHP Editors

  • Crimson editor – Tool to help you in modifying your family website.

Text File Searchers

  • SadMan Search – Searches text files for strings and combination of strings. This is perfect for text databases.

Website Copier

  • HTTrack – Used to download entire websites for offline viewing.