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Website to Help You Find Where Your Ancestors Where From In Mexico

While conducting our Mexican Genealogy research we come across names of haciendas or towns in Mexico that can not be found on Google maps or anywhere else on the internet. If this is the case then you will really like the following website since it will help you find or at least narrow down the location of where that town or hacienda may be.

before I go any further I want to thank Jaime Trejo for sharing this amazing tool with us. The website that Jaime shared with us is a Mexican Government website called “Catalogo de Localidades” and it is maintained and hosted by SEDESOL Secretaria de Desarollo Social. You can find the link to visit it towards the end of this post.

How can you use this tool on your Mexican Genealogy Research?

Very simple, lets say that you know that your ancestors came from Tamaulipas, Mexico and you find a document that indicates that they were born in La Reyna Azteca, Mexico. Good, now you have a name and you try to find it in Google maps only to be taken to a city in Chile South America. Obviously that is wrong you are looking for a town in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Now with the Catalogo de Localidades all you have to do is on the home page click Tamauliaps on the map and towards the center of the page you will find in red “Listado de municipios” and to your right hand find two exel files available for download. The one titled “Exportar listado de Localidades” is a list of every locality found within that state plus statistical data. Also next to it there is another exel file titled “Exportar listado de Municipios” which is just a list of local municipalities that contains statistical information about them.

After I downloaded the list “Exportar listado de Localidades” I opened it using exel and pressed “CTRL+F” entered La Reyna Azteca and there it was. It showed that it was located in the Municipality of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas.

Now what do you do with this information?

You do research on the municipality and find the local and historical parishes to find church information on your ancestors. Also do research on the history of the municipality. For example I found out that the Municipality was created in the 1950’s and prior to that it used to be the municipality of Mier which had been around since the 1750’s. Also historically La Reyna Azteca used to belong to the local Mier Parish. Also look into civil records for the municipality.

You can use the same example that I did for every state in Mexico. I also found that areas that have been named are also listed. For example Los Guajillos is an area that covers many miles and may ranches and is not listed in maps but was also listed on the list. I also found many other towns that I have been to but do not appear on maps.

Snapshot of Website:

Visit Website:

This is the link to the website: http://www.microrregiones.gob.mx/catloc/Default.aspx

Once again thanks Jaime for making me aware of this great resource.

6 thoughts on “Website to Help You Find Where Your Ancestors Where From In Mexico

  1. Lidia S.Galan

    Yes my g g Grand father he lived in Nuevo Republican Nuevo León,Mexico he had aranchit is the family’s ranch his name is Teotodro Garza Garza but I do not now the name of the ranch he passed away in1921 in Doctor Gonzales is ther away I can find out the name and where it is located he left the ranch to his son Gaspar Garza. How can I locate this ranch pleas much appreciated.Thank you for hearing me out👋👩🏻‍🌾

    1. Moises Garza Post author

      If you don’t know the name of the ranch I don’t see how you can find it unless you go in person to the town and ask about Gaspar Garza and or find one of his descendants that may know where it is located at.

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