Using the 1930 Mexican Census to Find Your Mexican Ancestors

The Mexico Census of 1930 is the 5th Mexican national census and it is a great resource to help you find your ancestors. I personally have been lucky in finding other peoples ancestors using this census.

Before you go searching let me just warn you that this census only contains 90% of the population. Unfortunately my family through both sides are not in it. I searched, but the Municipality they resided at is no where to be found. I am not sure if it was an indexing problem, if those pages got lost, or they were simply not enumerated. Well I hope your case is not my case and you do find your ancestors.

 As I mentioned before I have been lucky to have found other peoples ancestors in this census. An example was when I was looking for my brother in laws ancestors. The census provided me with the location they were from and also the whole family of his grandparents and great grandparents. Thanks to the information obtained from this census I was able to trace his family to the early 1800’s.

Here are the following resources to search the 1930 Mexico Census for free.

To Search the 1930 Mexico Census

  • Ancestry – 1930 Mexico National Census El Quinto Censo General de Población y Vivienda 1930, México

For More Information About The 1930 Mexico Census

I hope that you give this resource a try since it is very useful to help you locate ancestors and also provide you with location that they were form in mexico that is if you don’t know that yet.

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