The Women of Colonial Latin America

The Women of Colonial Latin America

We often don’t hear much about our female ancestors and most often find more information on our male ancestors. In an effort to find more information of how they may have had been or what they may have had experienced I came across the book, The Women of Colonial Latin America by Susan Migden Socolow. It does not specifically focus on Mexico but instead focuses on the Spanish Colonial society its view towards women, it’s laws, and expectations among many other things.

I think this book is very interesting and I know you will find it so your self. It provides an insight into the role of women in the new and old worlds. Towards the bottom of this post, you will find the table of contents and you can get a glimpse of the topics covered in this book.

Cover of Book: The Women of Colonial Latin America

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Table of Contents of the book The Women of Colonial Latin America:

Introduction: Why Women?

1 Iberian Women in the Old World and the New

2 Before Columbus: Women in Indigenous America and Africa

3 Conquest and COlonization

4 The Arrival of Iberian Women

5 Women, Marriage, and Family

6 Elite Women

7 The Brides of Christ and Other Religious Women

8 Women and Work

9 Women and Slavery

10 Women and Social Deviance: Crime, Witchcraft, and Rebellion

11 Women and Enlightenment Reform


Description of Book The Women of Colonial Latin America By Amazon:

This book presents an overview of the varied experiences of women in colonial Spanish and Portuguese America. Beginning with the cultures that would produce the Latin American world, the book traces the effects of conquest, colonization, and settlement on colonial women. The book also examines the expectations, responsibilities, and limitations facing women in their varied roles, stressing the ways in which race, social status, occupation, and space altered women’s social and economic realities.

Let me know your opinion of this book in the comment section of this blog post.

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