The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico

The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center (HGRC) of New Mexico is an excellent resource to help you find your Mexican Ancestors. I use the term Mexican Ancestors loosely since they may be ancestors that used to live during Spanish rule in what is now known as Mexico. Case in point I was recently researching my 13th great grandparents (still need to verify them through primary documents since I have only found secondary sources) Rodrigo Saldivar and Maria de Onate whom lived under Spanish rule in what is now Mexico. Turns out that I found them listed at the HGRC.

I was very impressed with their genealogical database that they titled “Great New Mexico Pedigree Database” (GNMPD). It is an excellent research tool where you may be able to locate more clues about your ancestors. So far I noticed that every name has a citation where the information came from. In my own case I found many other ancestors from Nueva Galicia and also El Nuevo Reino de Leon. I still have not scratched the surface but I though I share this resource with you.

Screenshot of the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico Website:

Make sure and explore the whole website to see if any of the additional resources may be something that could also help you out in your research.

Links for This Resource

I almost forgot make sure and check their books they have an excellent selection and many are genealogical resources for various parts of Mexico.

Let me know if you find your ancestors in this database.

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