The General Archive of Coahuila, Mexico

The General Archive of Coahuila, Mexico

A week ago I came across a great resource that I have no doubts will help you find your Mexican Ancestors from the state of Coahuila, Mexico. This resource is the website for the General Archive of Coahuila, Mexico which contains a wealth of information and I will show you some of my favorite resources that it provides.

What I like best of all it is online and available 24/7.

The General Archive of Coahuila, Mexico website:

The following are three things that can be useful for your research.

  • Publications and Catalogs – In this section, you can download may eBooks including some that contain summaries to documents that are stored int heir archives.
  • Census – You can see and download various censuses.
  • Municipal Archives – They also provide a pdf document with a list of all the municipal archives for the state.

As for me I already found a summary of a document that mentions one of my ancestors, Alberto del Canto.

Ficha: 2
Fecha: 00-1626 AGEC, FC, C1, E2, 12F
Población: Santiago del Saltillo

Diligencias practicadas en el cabildo del pueblo de San
Esteban de la Nueva Tlaxcala, por el pleito entre Pedro
de la Vega y los naturales de ese pueblo, por días de
agua, en San Nicolás de los Berros. Incluye las
mercedes de tierras concedida por Alberto del Canto a
Ubaldo Cortés.

Nota: copia fotostática, el original se encuentra en el
Archivo Municipal de Saltillo con la siguiente
clasificación: AMS, PM, c1, e1, 43f.

I have already requested this document but I have yet to get a response from them.

I do hope that you do take the time to visit this website especially if your ancestors are from Coahuila, Mexico, and Texas. Yes, this archive does contain documents of the province that eventually became Texas.

Visit the Coahuila Archives Web Site

Here is the full link:

Let me know of any finds.

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I hope that you had fun exploring the General Archive of Coahuila, Mexico. If you have any comments or questions please let me know below in the comments section of this post.

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