The Genealogy Of Mexico by Gary Felix

The Genealogy Of Mexico by Gary Felix

The Genealogy Of Mexico by Gary Felix is a website that focuses on the early settlers of Mexico and History, and it contains many other great resources too. This website simply put, is an authority in Mexican Genealogy.

Recently Gary has started to focus more and more on Mexican Genealogical DNA testing and has even created a yahoo group where anyone that has Mexican Ancestry can join to share their results and learn more.

In Gary’s Own Words:

This website is provided as a gateway to our ancestral past and is organized to allow us to discover them from the conquest forward.

When I first started researching my Mexican roots, this was the only website that was available and it thought me a lot. I highly recommend that you visit it and learn as much as you can too.

You can visit Gary’s website at the following link and you can also join the Yahoo group using the link below.

Visit The Genealogy Of Mexico by Gary Felix and Other Links

The Genealogy of Mexico – Home Page of Website

Gary’s DNA Project – More information about Mexican DNA Testing

Yahoo Mexican DNA Group – This is the link to the group so that you may join it.

I am positive that you will really enjoy this website The Genealogy Of Mexico by Gary Felix and also get very useful information about your ancestors. If you like this post and our website please share it on social media.

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