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Hispanic Surnames and Family History

Hispanic Surnames and Family History

Having Mexican roots means that there is a high probability that you also have a Hispanic last name.

I recently bought a new batch of books for our genealogy group Las Villas del Norte and one of those was titled Hispanic Surnames and Family History.

This book contains thousands of …

The Encomenderos of New Spain 1521 – 1555

Researching the early conquest of Mexico and it’s conquistadors I also came across another great book titled “The Encomenderos of New Spain”. An encomendero was entrusted with the pacification and Christianization of any Native Americans within the allotted land that they would receive from the Spanish crown. This book is …

Who is Who of the Conquistadors

I recently bought a book by the title of “Who is Who of the Conquistadors”. It is packed with the names of over 2000 conquistadors that came Mexico between 1519 and 1521. This book is invaluable for anyone researching the History of Mexico and definitely for anyone researching their ancestors. …