Genealogy Resources for San Luis Potosi

Genealogy Resources for San Luis Potosi

The birth of San Luis Potosi was started with the discovery of gold in 1592. The Spanish miners established the first town known which was known as “San Luis de Mezquitique” in the now modern location of the capital San Luis Potosí. Juan de Onate was the first mayor that was appointed.

The State was given the name “San Luis Rey”, King Saint Louis, in honor of Louis IX of France, and “Potosi” because the wealth of the state compared to the rich silver mines in Potosí, Bolivia. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Franciscans, Augustinians, and Jesuits arrived to the area and settled, then began to build churches and buildings, many of which are still standing and have been turned into museums and universities.

From what i have found out of my research you can expect to find records going all the way back up until 1586.

Catholic Church Records

Civil Registration Records

Facebook Pages or Groups

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History of San Luis Potosi

Information about Municipios of San Luis Potosi

  • 58 Municipios – Page that contains a map of San Luis Potosi and all of it’s municipios.

San Luis Potosi Genealogy Forums

  • Gen Forum – Forum about San Luis Potosi, you can respond or inquire by just registering.

San Luis Potosi State and Church Archives

  • San Luis Potosí, Miscellaneous Records, 1570-1882 – Miscellaneous records housed at the Archivo Histórico del Estado de San Luis Potosí. This collection includes records created by the following institutions: Alcaldía Mayor e Intendencia, Registro Público de la Propiedad y el Comercio, Ayuntamiento de San Luis Potosí, Alcaldía Mayor de Charcas, Notarías, etc. Additional images will be published as they become available.
  • Archivo Historico de San Luis Potosi – State website where you can actually search through summaries of most documents held in their archives. I have found many ancestors there.

Websites Focusing on San Luis Potosi Genealogy Research

  • Raul Longoria – This database contains hundreds if not thousands of names of people from Nuevo Leon, specially the early founders.
  • We Are Cousins – Contains hundreds of names of people of Nuevo Leon specially Monterrey, Allende, and Santiago.
  • Gary Felix Website – Contains great information about ancestors from Nuevo Leon and also the Genealogy of Mexico in General.
  • Eagleknight – Genealogical Studies of Cadereyta Jimenez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
  • Danny Villarreal – Contains great information about ancestors from Nuevo Leon and many other states.

I am fully aware that there are more resources out there for San Luis Potosi but this is a start. As I come across more of them I will be posting them on this page. Also if your favorite resource is not mentioned here please send me an email I would love to include it.

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