Records of the Order of Santiago, 1501-1799

In the course of doing my own family research there was a phrase that kept coming up time and time again. That phrase was “El Orden de Santiago”. According to Encyclopedia Britanica the Spanish Orden de Santiago is a Christian military-religious order of knights founded about 1160 in Spain for the purpose of fighting Spanish Muslims and of protecting pilgrims on their way to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela. Originally called the Order of Cáceres, after the city in which it was founded, the order assumed the Santiago name in 1171.

Records of the Order of Santiago, 1501-1799

The image at the very top of this page is of King Alfonso VIII of Castile and Queen Eleonor Plantagenet delivering the city and the village of Uclés to the master of the Order of Santiago Pedro Fernandez de Castro v. Tumbo menor de Castilla, f. 1. (ancient codex from 13th century). Image is public domain.

I first came across this order while researching my 14th great grandfather Andres de Tapia whom was one of the conquistadors that came with Hernan Cortez to Mexico. I also came across this Order while researching my 12th great grandfather Vicente de Zaldivar.

Recently I came across the Order of Santiago applications at FamilySearch. They are over 140 microfilms. The great thing is that they have been digitized and are available for research using the links below.

Wha tis great about these applications is that some of them are from a few hundred pages to even in some cases one thousand pages. Some contain wills, and almost all of them contain genealogy information. Accounts of witnesses as to the quality of the applicant can be found.

Links By Last Name, the Order of Santiago, 1501-1799

Below look at the “Apellidos” (last names) in order to browse through the microfilms.

Expedientes de la Orden de Santiago, 1501-1799 : Apellidos Abad a Ezquerra

Expedientes de la Orden de Santiago, 1501-1799 : Apellidos Fagoaga a Lles

Expedientes de la Orden de Santiago, 1501-1799 : Apellidos Macarty a Prado Ulloa

Expedientes de la Orden de Santiago, 1501-1799 : Apellidos Prado Ulloa a Velasco y Ceballos

Expedientes de la Orden de Santiago, 1501-1799 : Apellidos Velasco y Ceballos hasta Zurucelaegui y Arriola

Genealogy of Vicente de Zaldivar y Mendozade – 1626

Vicente de Zaldivar y Mendoza is my 11th great grand uncle. His parents Vicente de Zaldivar and Magdalena de Mendoza are my 12th great grandparents. The following document is very important since it mentions the names of his grandparents through both maternal and paternal sides.

This document was included on his application for inclusion into the Order of Santiago.

The Genealogy of Vicente de Zaldivar y Mendoza

As you can see the information included in these applications can be invaluable. Even if you don’t find anything about your own ancestors in them it is good to know that they exist since you never know when you may need them or when you may find a clue pointing you to them.



  • Zaldivar y Mendoza, Vicente de 1626, FamilySearch, Film # 008181008, Image 740

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