Genealogy Resources for Queretaro

Genealogy Resources for Queretaro

The colonization and conquest of Querétaro by the Spanish began with the settlements at San Juan del Río, Querétaro and Huimilpan between 1529 and 1531. Conquistador Herán Pérez de Bocanegra along with a local Otomi lord from Jilotepec named Conín, whom was also known as Fernando de Tapia, entered the Otomi areas in what is now the city of Querétaro.

During the rest of the 16th century Querétaro would form the northern extension of known lands to the Spanish conquerors. The Spanish initially shared power in the area with local indigenous leaders until well into the 17th century. However indigenous power eventually waned completely. The Spanish did not subdue and evangelized the last of the resistant peoples, the Chichimec Jonaz until the end of the 18th century. During this time the Spanish were was mostly concentrated in the city of Querétaro, which became the starting point for expeditions, missions and conquests heading north.

You can expect to find records going all the way back up until 1590, but as indicated by the above paragraph you might find documents going back all the way to 1529-1531, the thing is finding them.

Catholic Church Records

Civil Registration Records

Facebook Pages or Groups

History of Queretaro

  • Queretaro –’s page about Queretaro

Information about Municipios of Queretaro

  • 18 Municipios – Page that contains a map of Queretaro and all of it’s municipios.

Queretaro Genealogy Forums

  • Gen Forum – Forum about Queretaro, you can respond or inquire by just registering.

Queretaro State and Church Archives

  • Could not locate an official website for them nor are there any online searchable databases.

Websites Focusing on Queretaro Genealogy Research

I know that these are not all the resources that are out there and I am sure there are more resources but this is a start. As I come across more of them I will be posting them on this page. Also if your favorite resource is not mentioned here please send me an email I would love to include it.

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