Proposed Layout for My Mexican Genealogy Research Online by State Project

After thinking it through I have decided to make a layout ahead of time of what each post will look like and also contain in regards to each Individual Mexican State. If you have not read my previous post you can do so here to get more information about this project that I will be undertaking.

This layout will provide consistency and also make each post familiar to the reader.

The following are the topics that all State posts will contain:

Catholic Church Records – Here I will be listing links to where you may be able to search or browse church records, since these type of records are essential to our research. One can also assume that all Mexicans and people of Mexican Ancestry have ancestors that were catholic. These records contain dispensations, marriage, birth, and death records.

Civil Registration Records – As with the church records I will be providing links to where to find or locate civil registration records for any particular state. These records are a wealth of information since they contain birth, death, and marriage records.

Facebook Pages or Groups – I have always been a strong advocate of using Facebook for your genealogy research and that is the reason that I will include pages/groups that I find about any particular Mexican State.

Genealogy Forums – Forums are essential for the researcher, you just don’t find information about your ancestors but also get to meet distant cousins and exchange emails or start a conversation on a forum.

History of State – I believe that knowing your ancestors home state history is essential. It will not only provide you with a glimpse into the past and provide you with facts that affected your ancestors. It will also provide you with clues as to where to go next in search of documents.

Information about Municipios – This one is very important since this will definitely provide you with clues as to where to go looking for documents. If the municipio is fairly new you have to find out to which municipio your ancestors originally belonged to. The municipio seat will contain the records of your ancestors.

State Archives – These archives are a treasure trove. The only unfortunate thing for us is that almost all of them do not have their records digitized and or share them online. I will at least try and find their websites.

Websites Focusing Genealogy Research – I will be listing any website that I find that focuses or contains a database on people from that particular state. I will also be including blogs in this category and label them as such.

So far this is what I have come up with. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I still have a few more days to refine this layout before I start on full blown mode. I will be starting first with the states that I am more familiar with and then leave the ones that I have no experience with till the last.

If you have experience searching a particular state please let me know and if you also have resources that you use for your own research please share them also.

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