Mexican Genealogy Projects

We currently have two ongoing projects, the Mexico Genealogy Resources Project by State and the Mexico Genealogy Facebook Project. Below you can read more about these two great projects.

The Mexico Genealogy Resources by State Project

In this project I searched and compiled all the resources for genealogy that I could find or came across for each Mexican State. That way you can have a starting list to each state from where your ancestors were from. If you have a favorite resource that is not mentioned let me know so that i may add it for others to enjoy and utilize in their own research.

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The Mexico Genealogy Facebook Project

The Mexico Facebook Project

Due to popular demand at the official Facebook Group for this blog, I created a Facebook group for each of the thirty two Mexican States. This is a community effort being managed by moderators. The purpose of this project is to provide a group for each state in order to make research resources and inquiries more specialized. It is also a great way for you meet other like minded individuals researching ancestors form the same states that your ancestors were from.

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Got an Idea for a Project?

If you have an idea for a project let me know. The only rules is that it has to be something that improves or enhances the field of Mexican Genealogy Research and also that it is something that is not already out there. If you have such an idea send me a message