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Nuestros Ranchos – Mexican Genealogy Website To Find Your Ancestors

Nuestors Ranchos is a genealogical website focusing on the genealogy of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes. I first found out about this website a couple of years ago when I was researching the only ancestor branch that I have found with ties to Jalisco in the town of Ojuelos and also to Zacatecas but this website has been around since way before 2006.

Even if your ancestors are not from around this area I highly recommend that you check them out. Just type in any Mexican state’s name int he search bar to see if there is anything on that state.

As indicated the main focus are the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Aguascalientes but members have also done research on their families from other states. I have found many clues to resources by just using the search function of this website.

Requesting Membership to Nuestros Ranchos

Let me just warn you, you will have to request membership in order to access the private areas of this website. The requirements to join are strict and are in place to attract only serious researchers. To be honest with you I have yet to request a membership my self. The reason that I have not yet asked to become a member is that I only have the known names of three of my ancestors from this area and also at this point I am not actively seeking them. When I get back to them and do full research and analysis on them you bet I will ask to join and start interacting with the group to find everything that I can about my ancestors.

I have also heard from a good friend that this group is excellent and that the administrators are doing a great job.

This is just me, how about you? If you are actively seeking for your ancestors in this area I highly recommend that you ask to join since interacting with others is the greatest resource that we have as family historians/researchers. Even if you still feel that you are not ready to join make sure and make good use of their search function it is truly awesome as to the information that you can find.

What you can expect to find on this website:

  • You can also browse the forums wish are open to the public but need to be a member to be able to post.
  • You will also find a listing of all microfilms available at family search concerning these three states.
  • You will also find information about notary documents and the most common surnames that appear on them.
  • Finally you can access a list of links to resources that can help you in your genealogical research.

This is the URL to this great resource:

Here is more information about them and also the membership requirements:

I hope that you do find this resource to be of help in your research. Let me know if you join or if you are a member let us know about your experience with this community in the comments section of this post.

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