Nobilario de los Reinos y Titulos de España

Nobilario de los Reinos y Titulos de España

If you are currently researching your ancestors in Spain then you will love this resource. It is a six-volume book series titled Nobilario de los Reinos y Titulos de España. 

In English the translation is something like this, The Nobility of the Kingdoms and Titles of Spain.

I am not saying that they are listed within, the following six volumes but at least you can try and see if their last names are.

Once you find their last names you will be able to read some background information on that particular family crest and last name.

Ensure to read between the lines and see if any notations are listed.

These notations usually provide sources as to where the information came from.

Thus, providing you with more clues as to where to find more information.

What motivated me to search for these books was the presentation by Brent Cruz on his presentation to the New Mexico Genealogical Society.

If you missed it you can read more about it and or view the presentation here:

Nobilarios de los Reinos y Titulos de Espana

I have listed the six volumes here for your convenience.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Even if you don think that you need these e-books make sure to get them. You just never know when you might need them and it is better to have them than to not.

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I truly hope you have fun searching for the last names in your family tree.

2 thoughts on “Nobilario de los Reinos y Titulos de España

  1. Mary Gilbert

    How to search the book,
    Thanks for these potentially useful books. I explored the first one, but searching for anything does not show results. The book is probably not indexed. I clicked download PDF (right next to the gear) and then was viewing it in my browser Google Chrome. I used the find feature in Chrome and it quickly found some names I entered. I did not actually have to download it to search it with Chrome. This would probably work for the other books but I only tried it with Vol 1.

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