January 30, 2019

New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations

If you have any roots to New Mexico then the New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations (Diligencias Matrimoniales) can be a great resource for you to check out.

These diligencias matrimoniales or pre-nuptial investigations cover the years 1678-1869 and they are of the Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

They were extracted and put together in books by Fray Angelico Chavez who also wrote the book "Origins of New Mexico Families, A Study of the Spanish Colonial Period".

 These New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations by Fray Angelico Chavez are available in an eleven volume series sorted by last name in alphabetical order.

Even if you do not have a need for them I highly recommend that you download them and put them in your digital library. You just never know when you may need them.

Below is a small thumbnail of the cover of volume one.

New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations Cover of Volume 1

Get Copies of The New Mexico Prenuptial Investigations

There are only eleven volumes that you can get as eBooks and they are available for free from the University of New Mexico here: https://digitalrepository.unm.edu/cswr_reference/5/

To make it easier for you I have included the links here:

Volume1.pdf (3846 kB)
Abeytia/Abeyta through Juana Rita Baca (1824)

Volume2.pdf (3846 kB) 
Nicolasa Baca (1824) through Guadalupe Chaves (1847)

Volume3.pdf (3932 kB) 
Maria Refugio Chaves (1847) through Jose Antonio Gallegos (1844)

Volume4.pdf (3913 kB) 
Maria Gregoria Gallegos (1844) through Antonio Jose Griego (1840)

Volume5.pdf (3891 kB) 
Maria Juliana Griego (1840) through Maria Dolores Lucero (1817)

Volume6.pdf (5075 kB) 
Maria Rita Lucero (1818) through Josefa Martinez (1836)

Volume7.pdf (3960 kB) 
Gregorio Martinez (1836) through Juana de Ojeda (1702)

Volume8.pdf (3713 kB) 
Olguin/Holguin through Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez (1867)

Volume9.pdf (3789 kB) 
Rojas through Maria Micaela Santillanes (1831)

Volume10.pdf (3861 kB) 
Monica Santillanes (1831) through Ignacio Trujillo (1847)

Volume11.pdf (3792 kB) 
Maria Teodora Trujillo (1847) through Zaragoza; includes Appendix of Pueblo Records

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Other Posts that May Interest You

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  1. I started the Pre-nutial Investigation and found some relatives already. I have been scouring records looking for birth information on Marcelino Martinez, my grandfather, and his parents. My mother told me his parents were Francisco Antonio Martinez. I suspect they were actually Martin- Serrano. The area is northern New Mexico, specifically Rio Arriba and Taos. I suspect they were from somewhere else.

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