MG 003: Start With Your Self




Don’t skip the most important person in genealogy, Your Self. Moises makes the case that genealogy starts with you and how you can start your family tree with only what you know.

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Start With Your Self

Thanks for embarking in a very rewarding journey.

Awesome discoveries.
Confirm family stories

Your Greates Genealogical Resource is you

Start With Yourself, How?

Start the Old Fashion Way

Pencil Paper

Write Everything You know

Who You Parents are
Your Grandparents
Great Grandparents
Do a Six Generation Family Chart
Then Your Uncles and Aunts cousins
Family Group Sheet

From Now on Start Saving all Invitations


Start Recording All The Stories

In writing
audio tape
Note who told them to you

Remember You are your greatest resource

No one will research for you
Ok You can pay someone, not the same

Next Espisode Search Your Home

Don’t waste years looking for records that you may already

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