Yo No Soy Mexicano! (I am not Mexican!)

MG 002: Yo No Soy Mexicano! (I am not Mexican!)

Yo No Soy Mexicano! (I am not Mexican!) is a comment that I hear too often. In this second episode of The Mexican Genealogy Podcast, I talk about it and also provide my own opinion in regards to it.

I elaborate on who this podcast is for, regardless if you are not Mexican or of Mexican heritage. I also go into explaining how everyone can benefit from listening to the Mexican Genealogy Podcast.

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Show Notes:

This is session number 002: Yo No Soy Mexicano! (I am not Mexican!)

Where I Get This Comment:

  • Email
  • Vendor Table

The Geographic Area that This Podcast Covers:

  • Present Mexican, All 32 States
  • Old Mexican and Spanish Territories South East United States Especially the States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California
  • Spain Is Also Covered Here! What I talk about and Research Methods can be used in Any time Period
  • When I talk About Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon Records
  • When I talk About Texas Records

Next Episode is Titled “Start With Your Self

Will explain How You are Your Greatest Genealogical Resource

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2 thoughts on “MG 002: Yo No Soy Mexicano! (I am not Mexican!)

  1. Elsa Carpena Yescas, Arechederra Pesqueira.

    My DNA is almost a perfect half native anerican + Andean /Iberian Pinunsula (Spanish, Portuguese and Italian). I feel like a true Mexican and proud of it!

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