The Mexican Genealogy Podcast Introduction to the Mexican Genealogy Podcast

MG 001: Introduction to The Mexican Genealogy Podcast

I want to welcome to hear our new podcast. In this the first episode of The Mexican Genealogy Podcast I provide you an overview of what The Mexican Genealogy Podcast will focus on, it’s goals, and what you can expect to get out of it.

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Show Notes:

This is session number 001

  • Intruduction To Mexican GenealogyThe purpose of this Podcast:
    Educate and Entertain
    Episodes will be short, hopefully.About Me:
    Doing Mexican/American Research since 1998
    How I got Started
    Old Cross in a Jacal
    My Grandmother Dominga MarroquinThe Time Periods that it covers:
    Spanish Colonial 1500’s to 1820’s
    Mexico from the 1820’s to Present

    The Geographic Area that This Podcast Covers:
    Present Mexico and South East United States
    Old Mexican and Spanish Territiories

    Getting Started:
    First Episodes will Start with the Basics of Genealogy Research
    As the Podcast gets older more advanced topics will be talked about

    What You can Expect:
    Expect to Learn About Genealogy and The Specialized topicv of Mexican Genealogy.

    Our Next episode is titled “Yo No Soy Mexicano! I am Not Mexican!”
    I will address this comment that I get too often
    Expand on the Geographic Area that this Podcast Covers

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