Mexican Newspaper Archives

Mexican Newspaper Archives

I want to thank Timothy V. Jones for sharing this amazing resource regarding Mexican Newspaper Archives on our Mexican Genealogy Facebook community. The following resource is a project by the Hemeroteca Nacional Digital de Mexico to digitize Mexico’s newspapers.

To see what is available for any particular Mexican state that you may be researching on just click on the menu link labeled “Colecciones”. You will get a map of Mexico where you can click each state. That will take you to the particular list of newspapers available digitally for that state.

You can also just do a basic search on the menu link labeled “Busqueda Basica” or an advanced search on “Busqueda Avanzada”.

Screenshot of the Mexican Newspaper Archives website:


Mexico Newspapers

I highly recommend that you check it out since it contains a wealth of information. You never know you might just find your ancestors within the pages of these newspapers.

Mexican Newspaper Archives Website Address:

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