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Here you will find Mexican Genealogy Books that can help you learn how to properly start and do genealogy the right way. You will also find books that solely focus on Mexican Genealogy and or Mexican genealogy records.

The Slave Trade

The Slave Trade

During my research, I have come across my fair share of ancestors labeled as mulattos and other racial designations indicating that they may have black ancestry. To help me better understand I bought the book The Slave Trade by Hugh Thomas. As I have mentioned before some people go as …

The Encomenderos of New Spain 1521 – 1555

The Encomenderos of New Spain 1521 - 1555

Researching the early conquest of Mexico and it’s conquistadors I also came across another great book titled, The Encomenderos of New Spain 1521 – 1555.

An encomendero was entrusted with the pacification and Christianization of any Native Americans within the allotted land that they would receive from the Spanish crown.…