Lt. Col. Raul Ricardo Palmerin Cordero – People of Interest In Mexican Genealogy

Lt. Col. Raul Ricardo Palmerin Cordero is the president of the Association of Genealogist for the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon. He is also an active member of the Association of Mexican Genealogists.

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He is very active posting original documents and their transcriptions. He does this not just with his own ancestors but from time to time he will post about historical figures of Mexico and has brought to light obscure Mexican History.

He has also written more than 300 biographies

He was recently recognized by the Mexican Association of Genealogists for his invaluable work and contributions to Mexican Genealogy.

You can follow him by subscribing to the rss feed of He posts something new almost every day.

I have been subscribed to the rss feed for over six months and believe me I truly enjoy reading his posts. They have even helped me fill in some gaps and provided me with documents that I had not been able to find for some of my ancestors. To find out more about him you can also just google his name.

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