Listas de Pasajeros a Indias – Passenger Lists to the Indies

A great resource that I have mentioned in the past, several times, has also been mentioned in our facebook group recently. The difference now is that Jaime Vasquez has provided the links to the four missing Catalogs that were not available before and Juan Enrique Urtado Rojas has shared two volumes that have the whole lists compiled into them.

I have written to previous blog posts on this subject and you can check them out here:

These Catalogs basically indexes of everyone that got registered to travel to the new world and are comprised of various volumes.

V. 1. 1509-1534 – Download

v. 2. 1535-1538 – Download

v. 3. 1539-1559 – Download

v. 4. 1560-1566 – Download

V. 5. 1567-1577 – Part 1  Download – Part 2 Download

v. 6. 1578-1585 – Download – Could not find online, FamilySearch made them Private.

v. 7. 1586-1599 – Download – Could not find online, FamilySearch made them Private.

Vol. 1-3 was copiled unde rthe direction of Cristóbal Bermúdez Plata; vol. 4-5 by Luis Romero Iruela y María del Carmen Galbis Díez; and vol. 6-7 by María del Carmen Galbis Díez.

These are the links that Juan shared.

Pasajeros a Indias 1492 – 1592 – View

Well those are it. I think this will be the most up to date source for these catalogs. If you come across volumes 6 and 7 online let me know so that I may add the links here.

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4 thoughts on “Listas de Pasajeros a Indias – Passenger Lists to the Indies

  1. Andy Perezchica

    This is such a great resource. However, I’m in need of passenger lists from the late 1700’s from Spain to New Spain.

  2. John Gonzalez

    Thank you for sharing this very useful links. I was not able to download Vol V due to the LDS site being down for maintenance. Will attempt at a later date..

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