Libro de Matrimonios de Reynosa 1790 – 1811

Yesterday Mario Davila released his eBook titled “Libro de Matrimonios de Reynosa 1790 – 1811”. It is a beautifully designed book and not to mention the cover looks awesome.

In this book Mario went trough every image and extracted all the pertinent genealogical information and more.

You may have had seen other books about the Reynosa Marriages but none comes close to what Mario has extracted out of the images and compiled in this book. I’ll be honest with you, Mario did send me a complimentary copy and at first I thought that it was going to be like the other books but it was not.

This is the cover of the Book Matrimonios de Renosa 1790 – 1811

Matrimonios de Renosa 1790 - 1811

It is very user friendly and it is super easy to find your ancestors. Within a couple of seconds I had found several ancestors of my wife. in each record he has included

Here is one of the records from the eBook:

You can buy this Book today for only $22.99 on Amazon.

Where to Buy:

I do hope that you take advantage of this bargain. Let me know in the comments section of any ancestor finds that you do with this eBook.


One thought on “Libro de Matrimonios de Reynosa 1790 – 1811

  1. Villa de Reynosa

    Thank you Moises Garza for sharing this
    information. For all who order via Google Books and like the Villa de
    Reynosa facebook page, leave your name in the comments section to
    receive a personalized PDF version. For ordering a PDF via PayPal or the
    Cash App, please send email inquiry to (this is a
    separate way to order). – Mario

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