Learning Proper Ways To Search a Website or Blog

Learning Proper Ways To Search a Website or Blog

Learning Proper Ways To Search a Website or Blog is very important when looking for your Mexican ancestors and or just doing genealogy research.

It can be the difference between finding and not finding your Mexican Ancestors. With this post, it is my goal that you learn how to properly do searches to increase your chances of finding your ancestors.

How To Conduct A Search On A Blog or Website

The first thing to do is locate the search bar. It will usually be to your right-hand side or on the header part of the blog or website.

Then just enter your phrase and press enter on your keyboard or the button that says “search”.

Once you do this the blog will start searching for all keywords entered and provide you with all the blog posts or pages where they appear.

To narrow down your search you can use quotes, this will let the blog know that you only want search results that are exact match phrases.

Whichever method you use you can always use CNTRL+F (if using windows) or CMD+F (if using a mac) to locate your keywords among all the results.

When you press enter, your browser should highlight all the instances of your search term.

What If There Is No Search Bar On The Website or Blog?

I know that you will run into this problem very often and the way around this is by using Google to search the entire website or blog for your desired keywords.

To do this all you need to do is open up Google.com and on the search bar type;

site: followed by the website domain name and desired keyword to search for.


site:wearecousins.info Garza

As you can see you need to type site: to let Google know that you only want to search that website or blog. Then you enter the domain name next to site: with no spaces. The press the space bar and type the keyword that you are looking for.

Remember you can also use quotes to narrow down the search results.

The Spelling May Be The Key to Find Your Mexican Ancestors

When searching any blog or website you might also want to keep in mind that you need to search for different spellings of names and last names. You might also want to try misspelling variations.

For example:

Lopez & Lopes, Gonzalez & Gonzales, and jose & joseph

I hope that you found this post, Learning Proper Ways To Search a Website or Blog, useful and also hope that you do implement the techniques described here. I know that they are very effective since I use them on a daily basis. I hope that you do share this post with friends and family. Thanks in advance.

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