Learn More About DNA Testing for Genealogy

DNA Testing for Genealogy

Find out what DNA tests are available, with which companies to test with, and also find out about Tools and Resources to get the most out of your DNA results with my new website DNA Testing for Genealogy HQ. This website has been running already for about two months. I have slowly been introducing it to people as I refer them there when I get a question about DNA. I think it is a great resource and know that you will find it helpful.

DNA is an excellent genealogical tool that helps you meet distant cousins, network, and find ancestors. It is not a magic bullet, in my opinion, it comes close.

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DNA Testing for Genealogy

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This website will help you learn about the three different DNA tests that are available and whom can test with each one. You will also learn about how each test is used for genealogy. You will also learn about the three major companies that test DNA for genealogical research and which tests each one provides. Finally, you will learn about the tools and resources that are out there to help you get the most out of your DNA results plus videos that can help you understand your DNA results.

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Once you visit DNA Testing for Genealogy HQ you will be prompted to download this free eBook. If you are a returning visitor you can always click on “blog” and download it from the sidebar. Another way is to go to the bottom of any of the pages and download it from there. When you get a free copy of my eBook you will also be joining the mailing list for DNA Testing for Genealogy HQ and once a week you will get an email with a synopsis of the week’s new blog post. These weekly post usually deals with advanced topics about DNA or DNA book recommendations. It is a great way to keep informed about DNA for Genealogy in general. By the way, if you would like a printed copy of this eBook instead you can buy it at Amazon.com for $10.00, here is the link: http://amzn.to/1MVVef1

Visit DNA Testing for Genealogy HQ

Here is the full URL address of this website: http://www.dnatestingforgenealogyhq.com/

I sincerely thank you for reading this blog post and hope that you visit DNA Testing for Genealogy HQ. Let me know what you think about in the comments section of this post.

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