La Batalla de Puebla 1862- The Battle of Puebla 1862

Hope you are having a great Cinco de Mayo! I also wanted to share this post with you to offer more information about this day and what happened back in 1862. Unfortunately many people are ignorant as to why this day is even celebrated and did you know it is mostly celebrated in the United States? I will not recount the story since other have already done it and probably better than I would. Instead I will list five links of places that you can read more about El Cinco de Mayo.

I know that this post has little to do with genealogy but it will put your ancestors lives into context and you never know maybe one day you find out that one of them even fought in this battle.

5 Articles about El Cinco de Mayo:

Here is also a Youtube video about El Cinco de Mayo:

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2 thoughts on “La Batalla de Puebla 1862- The Battle of Puebla 1862

  1. Dora Salomon

    Hello Moises,
    Thank you so much for the 5 de mayo recap video. I also, recently viewed the movie “Cinco de mayo” and it gave me a whole new perspective on this Mexican historical date. I believe I am subscribed to your site as, I would like to change it to the and eliminate the first one.
    I truly enjoy your work, best wishes to you in all your future endeavors.

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