Indice y extractos de los Protocolos del Archivo de Notarias de Mexico, D. F. (1524-1528, 1536-1538, 1551-1553)

This is a great resource to further your research of the conquistadors and early families of La Nueva Espana (present day Mexico). To be honest I do not remember how I came across this valuable eBook which is available for anyone to download. It is titled “Indice y extractos de los Protocolos del Archivo de Notarias de Mexico, D. F.” and it covers the years of v.1: (1524-1528) – v.2: (1536-1538) and (1551-1553). This eBook is in Spanish and the title basically translates to “Index and Extracts of the Protocols of The Notary Archives of Mexico D.F.”

Notarias de Mexico D.F.


This eBook is a massive 855 page book authored by Agustin Millares Carlo and Jose Ignacio Mantecon back in 1945-1946. Once again my ancestor Alonso de Estrada is mentioned numerous times and in some cases even some genealogical information is provided. Even if you have not found ancestors this far back you might still want to get your own copy and save it on your digital library. You never know when you might need it and it is better to have it than not to.

Another thing, the link to download your own copy is just bellow. Let me warn you, the website is very slow and you will have to be patient. If it is not working for you then wait a few hours/days and try again. These are things that I can not control since this book is made available by Memorial Digital de Canarias.

Please let me know in the comments section of how this eBook helped you in your research and or just your opinion about it.

Download your Copy

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