Indexed Mexican Civil Registration Records Are Here!

The mother lode and most awaited collection of Mexican Records is online at They are the Mexican Civil Registration records dating from 1859 up to the 2000’s in some instances. Up until now we could only browse through them at I recently got an email from David Reta letting me know that they were available at David, thank you!

I checked them out and this is what Ancestry has on their website:

We have added more than 250 million Mexican birth, marriage, death, and church records—plus U.S. census, border crossing, and naturalization records. Select view all countries to to see the collections added.

In total they added 97 New Collections pertaining to Mexican Birth, Marriage, Death, and even some church records. All of these collections were just added this past 22nd of October.

You can see all the civil registry records added here: View All Civil Registration Records at

I already found a ton of information about my ancestors and their extended family. tomorrows blog post at We Are Cousins will be about those discoveries pertaining to Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon.

Let me know your opinion about these records and or your discoveries int he comments section of this post. Once again thanks David Reta.

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2 thoughts on “Indexed Mexican Civil Registration Records Are Here!

  1. Irma Ramirez-Tom

    I’ve been documentation on relatives and am seeing matrimonios completed in accordance with ” la Ley y La Sociedad”. Does anyone know what La Sociedad is?

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