Hoping You Had a Great 2013

On this last day of 2013 I just want to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year!!!

Once again:

Happy, Happy New Year!!!

I hope that you had a great 2013. I also want to share a recap of 2013 and my goals for this blog in this coming year of 2013.

This blog started as many people started to ask me at We Are Cousins how to do Mexican Genealogy Research. I know that it is a valuable resource to many, since I have gotten emails letting me know so. I just hope it continues to grow and help as it has been doing so.


Recap of 2013

  1. Ended the year with 398 Facebook Likes.
  2. 2531 Twitter Followers.
  3. Had 18,509 visitors and of those 12,937 were unique visitors
  4. Email subscribers grew to 120.
  5. Sent out twelve news letters I did mess one up.

Goals for 2014

  1. Keep in good health surrounded by my family.
  2. Continue to post articles, not daily but at least every other day or every two days.
  3. Start repost old posts so that new members can read them.
  4. Increase traffic to this website so that more people are aware of it.
  5. Continue to share posts on social media websites, facebook, twitter, google+, etc…

I just hope that  2014 will be a more productive year since I know this blog has helped many connect with their ancestors. I have been very fortunate for the wealth of records available at FamilySearch.org. I just hope they continue to be available and to put more collections online. Once again thanks for reading and see you in 2014, have a very Happy New Years!!!

About Moises Garza

I have doing my family genealogy since 1998. I am also the creator of this blog Mexican Genealogy, and my personal blog We Are Cousins. To always be up to date with both of these sites follow me on facebook. Please feel free to contact me for anything.

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