Historical Flags of Mexico – Banderas Historicas Mexicanas

I came across another great set of eBooks. They are about the Historical flags of Mexico and I am sure that some of our ancestors were familiar with them based upon their time period or military service. These eBooks were made by Mexico’s military agency SEDENA and are available free of charge to the public. Bellow the following image you will find the links to where you may be able to download them.

I know that this eBooks do not contain any genealogical data and will not even help you locate your ancestors but I am sure that they will be of great interest to you.

Cover to first eBook:

I do sincerely hope that you enjoy this eBooks as I have. Let me just warn you that they are fully in Spanish.

Download eBooks:

These are links straight to the PDF’s for your convenience and bellow you will also find the full link to the source.


SEDENA, http://www.archivohistorico2010.sedena.gob.mx/fasciculos/Banderas_historicas.php

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