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Have You Checked Our New Podcast Out?

Today I wanted to officially announce and tell you about our podcast. It is titled “The Mexican Genealogy Podcast”. You have probably gotten a few emails of the several podcast episodes available in our website but as of today there are already five episodes that you can listen to and enjoy.

I am very excited for this podcast and I hope that you listen to it. If you ever hear someone say that they want to get started with genealogy and their family history send them to my podcast. The main purpose is to educate everyone about Mexican Genealogy research. It is intended for persons new to genealogy and Mexican Genealogy research. Seasoned family historians or researchers should also listen to it, you never know what you may find.

Here is the description of the podcast:

Moises Garza from the Mexican Genealogy Blog reveals all of his research strategies and resources, killer tips and tricks that can help you get ahead in breaking your brick walls and finding your Mexican ancestors. Discover your passion for Genealogy as you travel on an awesome path of discovery. Although Moises confesses that he is not a professional genealogist his love for his genealogical passion is evident, he has been in a quest to uncover his ancestors since 1998 and is very knowledgeable. Moises has even conducted research for PBS’s Finding Your Roots.

Available Episodes

Here are the five Episodes that are available as of today’s date.

MG 001: Introduction to Mexican Genealogy

Moises Garza provides an overview of what The Mexican Genealogy Podcast will focus on, it’s goals, and what you can expect to get out of it. Read More or Listen

MG 002: Yo No Soy Mexicano! (I am not Mexican!) 

Moises talks about a comment that he hears too often. He elaborates on who this podcast is for, regardless if you are not Mexican. He goes on to explain how everyone can benefit form listening to the Mexican Genealogy Podcast. Read More or Listen.

MG 003: Start With Your Self!

Don’t skip the most important person in genealogy, Your Self. Moises makes the case that genealogy starts with you and how you can start your family tree with only what you know. Read More or Listen

MG 004: Search Your Home

Guess where you should look next. Yes, Moises talks about the importance of starting your research at home. Don’t waste time and money looking for what you may already have at home. Read More or Listen

MG 005: Your Cell Phone is Your Best Tool

When it comes to genealogy research your cell phone is your best tool. In this episode Moises explains how you can use your cell phone in your own genealogical research. Read More or Listen

How to Listen to Our Podcast

If you have an iPhone just go to itunes and type in Mexican Genealogy on the search bar and this podcast will come out. If you are on Android use Doggcatcher and also just search for us.

You can also always just go to our website and listen online.

I sincerely hope that you check this podcast out. The episodes are short and to the point. This is the main link to the podcast: Please let me know what you think in the comment area of this blog post.


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