Guide to the Church Archives of Spain “Guia de los Archivos de la Iglesia en Espana”

I have lately been getting more and more interested in researching for my ancestors that were form Spain. To be honest I have been putting off since I have no idea how to get started. Hopefully in the future i’ll grab the bull by the horns and jump right into it. For right now i have only been dipping my feet from time to time in Spanish research. I came across a great resource that will definitely help me out when I do decide to start. This resource is titled “Guia de los Archivos de la Iglesia en Espana” it is a 1044 page eBook about the Church Archives of Spain. It is very detailed and it provides the researcher with a listing of what is available and whether it has been microfilmed to not. It will also provide you with information as to where to access these records.

To be honest I have not read it, with 1044 pages it is a monumental read but I did browse throug it and saw the potential and how ti can make our research easier. The best thing to do would be to use CTRL+F to search for the church, parish, or locality that you are currently researching and get the full scope of the records and years that you can expect to find there.

Don’t stop there! Get creative and search to see if has those microfilms available online.

Cut out of front cover:

Guia de los archivos de la iglesia en espana

Link to download your own copy of this eBook:

I know this resource will be of great help to you and me. Let me know in the comments if it does help you out. Also let me know about your experiences researching records in Spain and or other resources that you may be using. Have fun!

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