Get Help Reading Old Handwritten Documents

Get Help Reading Old Handwritten Documents

I know that reading old genealogy documents can be very hard and time-consuming. Thus this post Get Help Reading Old Handwritten Documents features a great resource that can help you read them.

Hopefully my previous post “Learn How to Decipher Spanish Documents From the Twelve Through the Seventeenth Centuries” helped a bit. In case that it did not here is another great resource to help you out. It was shared by Eleanor Salas Barajas on our Mexican Genealogy Facebook Group. This resource is provided by FamilySearch and it is titled “Language Resources and Handwriting Helps”.

Screenshot of Website to Get Help Reading Old Handwritten Documents:

FamilySearch's Language Resources and Handwriting Helps

Click Here to Visit this Resource

The Language Helps were not useful for me since they are focusing on the Philippines. What I did find very useful are the Handwriting helps. The Alphabet Secretary Hand is very useful and you are allowed to either download the image into your computer or print to have as an easy reference guide while researching on libraries or archives.

They also provide a Guide for reading old English and three lessons on reading handwritten Letters, Dates, and Words, and finally handwritten documents. Don’t forget to check out the other resources listed there. They are resources that I will feature in future posts.

Visit this resource to Get Help Reading Old Handwritten Documents:

Please let me know in the comment are of what you think about this resource. Don’t forget to share this post with anyone that you think could benefit from it.

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