Genealogy Resources for Colima

Genealogy Resources for Colima

These are the Genealogy Resources for Colima, Mexico that I have found. I hope that they can be of help to you in your genealogy research.

You can expect to find records going all the way back up until 1536. I know this since that is what I was able to find through my research.

Catholic Church Records

Civil Registration Records

Facebook Pages or Groups

  • Colima State Genealogy Group – This is our official Facebook group for Colima. Join today to network with other people researching ancestors in this state.

History of Colima

  • Colima –’s page about Colima

Information about Municipios of Colima

  • 10 Municipios – Page that contains a map of Colima and all of its municipios.

Colima Genealogy Forums

  • Gen Forum – Forum about Colima, you can respond or inquire by just registering.

Colima State and Church Archives

  • Archivo Historico del Estado de Colima –  This archive is proud to preserve documents from the beginning of the Colonial period in Mexico. 1536 is the earliest date recorded. It’s documented collections are based on a series of protocols that reach 1867.

Websites Focusing on Colima Genealogy Research

  • Guadalajara Dispensas – Lists of names extracted from matrimonial dispensations in the archives of the Catholic Diocese of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

I am fully aware that there are more Genealogy Resources for Colima out there but this is a start. As I come across more Genealogy Resources for Colima I will be posting them on this page. Also if your favorite resource is not mentioned here please send me an email I would love to include it.

Genealogy Resources for the Other Mexican States

Mexican Genealogy Resources by State

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