Genealogical Research in Medieval Asturias

Genealogical Research in Medieval Asturias

A few months ago I came across a great video by Brent Cruz titled Genealogical Research in Medieval Asturias. It is a presentation that he did for the New Mexico Genealogical Society and I think it may be of great help to you in researching your ancestors from Spain.

As I have mentioned before, one of the great obstacles to researching ancestors from Spain is that I have no idea where to even search for my ancestors. Another is my handwriting reading skills. The following video does not address the latter but it addresses my first obstacle.

By the way, the full title of the presentation is “Genealogical Research in Medieval Asturias: Tracing Royal and noble Connections Among the Ancestors of Captain Francisco Montes Vigil of New Mexico”.

Mr. Cruz shares his bast knowledge and skills on how he was able to trace his ancestor. Even-though he is not our own ancestor we can utilize the resources that he mentions to try and apply them to our own research.

After you watch the video make sure to visit the New Mexico Genealogical Society’s YouTube channel and subscribe to it. The link is in the bottom of this blog post.

Video Presentation by Brent Cruz on Genealogical Research in Medieval Asturias

New Mexico Genealogical Society

In the following weeks I will share all the books (the ones not under copyright) that Brent mentions in his presentation with easy to download links jsut to make it a bit easier to obtain these books.

Till then make sure to browse our website and don’t forget to download our resource eBook as a thank you when you join our community.

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