Find Your Mexican Ancestors in the Worlds Newspapers

Find Your Mexican Ancestors in the Worlds Newspapers Using Eliphind

Early last month I wrote a post titled “Finding Your Mexican Ancestors In Newspapers” and in that post I mentioned a resource that with this post I want to elaborate more on. That resource is Elephind.

Before I go any further I just want to warn you that you may or may not find your ancestors using this resource as I mentioned before I my self have not had much luck on my own family.

On the other hand it has been invaluable while conducting research for others.

Also you will only find two newspapers pertaining to Mexico here but I wanted to specially point out this resource since it contains over 2677 newspapers from around the world. I know many readers of this blog live in other countries other than the United States. Mexicans have not just migrated to the United States but to other countries as well.

How can Eliphind Help In Your Research?

What Eliphind will do for you, is search many newspapers from around the world for your particular ancestor.

Your focus, specially if you have not been able to trace your ancestors to Mexico, is to search the newspapers of the country that you now live in and try and see if your family made into local newspapers and search for clues that may point out where they were from in Mexico.

Tip: Be on the look out specially for obituaries and also any wedding notices.

Screen Shot of Eliphind:

Elephind Search the world's historical newspaper archives

To play with this resource just enter your last name and see all the articles that will pop up.

Also don’t forget that even though almost all newspapers are from other countries many of them would also write stories about Mexico.

You never know, your ancestor might just be mentioned in one of them.

So if you have not tested this resource out I highly recommend that you do.

Here is the link:

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