Find Your Mexican Ancestors and Cousins on Facebook Pages

Find Your Mexican Ancestors and Cousins on Facebook Pages – A Resource For Your Genealogy Research

Just wanted to make you aware of a resource that is available to everyone out there. It is called Facebook for Mexico Genealogy. Yes I said Facebook and in this case Facebook Pages.

Do you know your ancestors home town in Mexico?

Have you searched for your Mexican ancestors town on Facebook?

I have. In fact I found several and was amazed at the wealth of information that is available. Most of the people that run these Facebook pages have deep roots on those towns and know the surrounding area and the families that live there. Many of them are family historians and genealogists.

These pages also provide a great opportunity for it’s users and visitors to easily post pictures, stories, current events, history, and even obituaries or death notices for the community.

I have also found pictures of several brothers of my great grandfather, and even very old class pictures of the local school. Not to mention old photos of its people and its buildings thus providing a glimpse to the past.

I have also found distant cousins that I did not know I had. By the way don’t be afraid to ask questions and or participate.

If you search and you can not find your ancestors town on Facebook Pages, then create that page and post what you know and I bet that in a short time you will get like minded people who are also interested and they will post what they know. You can get more details on the following link on how to create a Facebook page:

The following Facebook page is of a small Mexican town that my ancestor Francisco Angel de la Garza together with his wife Maria Cayetana Pena founded back in 1767.

Yo Tambien Soy de Arcabuz Tamaulipas

As you can see the above page is excellent for genealogists and family historians. Also remember there are state websites, and municipality websites so make sure to search for those too.

Please let me know in the comment area of how you use Facebook pages in your Genealogy Research and or any suggestions and tips.

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