Feliz Dia de La Independencia!

Today is September the 16th and it is a day of celebration for Mexico and also for many Mexican Americans whom celebrate their rich history and culture. Today I just wanted to take the time and wish you a very happy independence day.

Feliz 16 de Septiembre!

In case that you don’t celebrate this day and want to learn more about it here are some great links to get more information about Mexico’s Independence.

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5 thoughts on “Feliz Dia de La Independencia!

  1. Yolanda Marquez

    how do find marriage or birth certicate or even a baptismal,so many years, my grandmother Santos was born between 1904 0r 1905,thats about 111 years ago,she had my mother in 1923,that probably made her 18 years old at the time.can anyone help me with this: thank you.

    1. Moises Garza

      Yolanda my book “Mexican Genealogy Research Online: A Guide to Help You Discover Your Ancestry” has everything you need to learn how to find those documents. Search for it on Amazon.

      1. Yolanda Marquez

        Hi Mioses,I just ordered the book “Mexican Genealogy Research On Line:A Guide to Help You Discover Your Ancestry. Thanks again for all your help.

  2. Yolanda Marquez

    thank you Moises Garza for replying to my post,I am already planning to do that ,purchasing the book ,Mexican Genealogy:research on line,A guide to help you discover your Ancestry.

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