Doing Mexican Genealogy Using State Civil Registration Databases

Researching Mexican Genealogy Using State Civil Registration Databases

China-Nuevo-Leon-Registro-Civil-SealAnother great resource that I have used to do my own family genealogy time and time again are the Civil Registration Databases that many Mexican States have set up in an effort to modernize their records and provide for free to the general public. I will be talking mainly about the Civil Registry website for Tamaulipas since this is the main one that I use but the searching methods are similar to all other websites. I will also provide you with a list to all the state databases that I have found to date.

The main thing to keep in mind is that these databases generally only cover from 1930 to the present and they are for birth, marriage, and death records. You might also find earlier births but only if the birth was recorded after the 1930’s as one of the following examples shows or if the marriage occurred years after the couple eloped they may also be found if they married after the 1930’s. This databases are also great to find information about your uncles and cousins, that is if they were born in Mexico.

Description of databases:

The Tamaulipas database has births  marriages, and deaths. Once you are in the page it will let you select between Naciminetos (births) and Matrimonios, (marriages). For example if you chose births it will provide you with a drop down list to chose a municipality (municipio). Once you select it you just need to enter the persons date of birth and you will be provided with an unofficial record. The Tamaulipas database will provide you with vital information as well as the parents names and where they were from. I mainly use this database to get concrete evidence and citation for my own family database. Since I am sure that if I ask family members for their birth certificate they would probably think I am crazy.

Tip: If your ancestor died after 1930 and have a date of birth you might want to look for them since if they were registered after 1930 you will find their information here. That’s how I found the parents of one of my ancestors. He was born in 1909 but was registered in 1956.

Other Mexican Civil Registry Databases

All the other databases use similar search criteria, but what ever you do just play with the search function and try it with different individuals. If you don’t find one don’t be discouraged just keep in mind that the data was entered by humans and it does contain errors such as misspelled names and thus that might be the reason that you don’t find what you are looking for.

Here are the databases that I have found up to this date. Please note that the ones for Nuevo Leon no longer work since they have been removed. I searched for them but could not locate them and have thus removed them. You can always find an updated list of the following in the Civil Registry Page.

Searchable Databases:

If you have other databases let me know so that I may add them here. I know that to search these databases one needs to know exactly who you are looking for but they are still a great resource.

Let me know about your finds, love to hear about them. Good luck!

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