Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today December 12 is the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe and it is Mexico’s Most Important religious holiday. On this day people from all over Mexico travel to the chapel in Tepayac in Mexico city. Tepayac is a hill where back on this date in 1531 the mother of Jesus appeared before an Indian peasant named Juan Diego.

Juan Diego told the bishop but the bishop, needing proof of this vision, asked Juan to have a miracle performed by Mary. Juan returned to Tepayac Hill and found roses growing where there had only been cacti growing. Juan wrapped the roses in his cape and as he let it go so the bishop could see the roses there was also a picture of Mary. This convinced the bishop and the chapel was built on top of the hill.

You may ask yourself how is this important to my genealogy research. It is very important since these were the beliefs of our ancestors had and that have been passed down to us. It is also very important since thanks to the Catholic Church in Mexico we are been able to trace many of our ancestors back till the 1500’s.

With this post I also wanted to show you a picture taken of the original image that is located in Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City and it is dated December 12, 1531.

The image’s details and colors are nothing short than amazing.

You can read more about Our Lady of Guadalupe here:

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