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Become part of our Mexican Genealogy Community to always be up to date with our blog, network and also meet other like minded individuals. We have three options for you to become part of our community. You can join our main Facebook Group or any of our Facebook groups for the Mexican states that your ancestors were from.

Our Facebook Groups

The Mexico Genealogy Facebook Project

Thanks to Facebook Groups our journey to find whom our ancestors where and were they came form does not have to be a lonely one. Come meet thousands of like minded individuals that are passionate, helpful, caring, and eager to lend a helping hand. Join our main Facebook group and also every Mexican State group that your ancestors where form.  

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Facebook Page

Mexico Genealogy Facebook Page

Make sure to explore and like our Facebook Page which has been up for years and which contains every single piece of content that we have ever created or promoted in a chronological order.

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Community/Mailing List

The Mexican Genealogy Community and Mailing List

Ensure that you join our mailing list to always be up to date and notified of the latest blog posts that we publish. Also get genealogy deals straight to your inbox so you can save money. The main benefit of being on our mailing list is that you can just reply to any of our emails and you will be in contact with us. As a thank you for joining, you will given our free eBook "100 Resources and Tools to Help you Find Your Mexican Roots".

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