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The Genealogy Of Mexico – Mexican Genealogy Website To Find Your Ancestors

Gagry Felix

Gary Felix

The Genealogy of Mexico is a website created and managed by Gary Felix. This website focuses on the early settlers of Mexico and History, and it contains many other great resources too. This website simply put, is an authority in Mexican Genealogy.

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Lt. Col. Raul Ricardo Palmerin Cordero – People of Interest In Mexican Genealogy

Lt. Col. Raul Ricardo Palmerin Cordero is the president of the Association of Genealogist for the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon. He is also an active member of the Association of Mexican Genealogists.

New Series – People of Interest in Mexican Genealogy

I will be starting a New Series of posts named “People of Interest in Mexican Genealogy”.

The goal of these posts is to introduce you to active members of the genealogy community that are currently doing research and contributions in Mexican Genealogy.

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