Genealogy Resources for Baja California

Genealogy Resources for Baja California

These are the genealogy resources that I am aware and or have been able to locate for the Mexican state of Baja California. I hope that they are useful to you. If you know of any others let me know.

You can expect to find records going all the way back up until 1750’s.

Catholic Church Records

Civil Registration Records

Facebook Pages or Groups

  • Archivo Histórico de Baja California – The AHEBC , located in the city of Mexicali , BC Mexico . It houses an important collection which forms the graphics memory and documentary Baja California

History of Baja California

Information about Municipios of Baja California

  • 5 Municipios – Page that contains a map of Baja California and all of it’s municipios.
  • Gobierno del Estado – Official government website with more information about it’s municipalities.

Baja California Genealogy Forums

  • Gen Forum – Forum about Baja California, you can respond or inquire by just registering.

Baja California State and Church Archives

Other Archives:

Websites Focusing on Baja California Genealogy Research

I am fully aware that there are more resources out there but this is a start. As I come across more of them I will be posting them on this page. Also if your favorite resource is not mentioned here please send me an email I would love to include it.

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  1. Alana Jolley

    The information and ease of finding original parish records, etc. is so much appreciated. Thank you for creating this great website with so many valuable resources. How do I find land grants or property deeds or mining ownerships (1700s and early 1800s) of San Antonio, Baja California Sur, Mexico?

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