Archivos Históricos en Chihuahua (Historical Archives In Chihuahua)

Archivos Históricos en Chihuahua (Historical Archives In Chihuahua)

The search for our ancestors, specially our Mexican ancestors, could not be possible without the archives that are dispersed throughout Mexico. They are invaluable to our genealogical research and our ancestors history. It is due to this reason that when I come across a blog or website that can advance our research I try and share it with you as is now the case with this blog “Archivos Históricos en Chihuahua”.

If you read my previous post titled “Chihuahua, Mexico Online Genealogy Resources” Then you may have noticed this resource listed there and in case that you have not visited it here is some more information about it.

Screen shot of Archivos Históricos en Chihuahua Blog

Archivos Historicos En Chihuahua

This blog’s main focus is to help shed light on efforts to preserve archives and also share contents that are found in those same archives. I also found great leads to other resources just by reading a couple of blog posts. It is not clear whom the authors are since posts have different authors, at least two different people.

I added this resource to my rss reader and I recommend you do the same that is if you are interested in research in the state of Chihuahua and want to keep up with this blog.

I almost forgot to mention that this blog also offers many great historical documents not found in digital form anywhere else.

Link to Visit This Blog

Visit: Archivos Históricos en Chihuahua

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