Archivo Historico Militar Mexicano (Archive of the Mexican Military)

Archivo Historico Militar Mexicano (Archive of the Mexican Military)

Did any of your ancestors ever served in the Mexican Military? Imagine if they did what other valuable information you could add to your Genealogy Research. I have often wondered where I could find military documents and I found just the right place. It is the Archivo Hisotrico Militar maintained by SEDENA (Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional).

This archive contains thousands digital documents in regards to the Mexican military from 1821 to 1921, but I have also come to find some documents that are from the Spanish Colonial period.

Screen Shot of Archivo Historico Militar’s Website

Archivo Militar Mexicano Sedena

Note: Update- The website no longer looks like the screen shot above since they have updated it.

You can visit the website with his link:

You can go straight to searching the archives with this link:

I know that this military archive will be of great value to you. Let me know of any finds that you make. As for me I found three sets of documents in regards to the founding of Revilla, Mier, and Camargo by Joseph Tienda de Cuervo. All three sets contain a listing of all families of whom many are my ancestors. I even found out that one of them, my 6th great grandfather Miguel Martinez was a Teniente de Capitan.

7 thoughts on “Archivo Historico Militar Mexicano (Archive of the Mexican Military)

  1. alfredo nino

    I am in search of my grandfathers military record. He served with Pancho Villa. I have 2 photos of him with pancho villa. But i am looking for documentation. Can you help

  2. M C

    The website does not work. Do you have any other available websites? My Grandfather (even though he was from Spain) was a captain in the Mexican army during the Mexican revolution. I’m looking for any and all information on him.

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