1885 Territory Map of the Various Catholic Dioceses in Mexico

Marriage dispensations are vital in Mexican Genealogical research and this map may provide you with the clues as to where to locate marriage dispensations for your ancestors. I have lately been doing research trying to find marriage dispensations that took place in the 1800’s but it has been very difficult. It seems that none of the newer dioceses keep an extensive record as the Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara.

Hopefully this map may provide you with additional clues or at lest let you know where a dispensation may be located. If I find an older map I’ll let you know about it also. This map also contains awesome images of various cathedrals.

1885 Territory Map of the Various Catholic Dioceses in Mexico:

You can see the high resolution map by clicking the image above or by going to the David Rumsey Map Collection.

If you are searching for pre 1800’s marriage dispensations I highly suggest that you check out my previous post: “Discover Yor Mexican Ancestors With The Book “SAGRADA MITRA DE GUADALAJARA ANTIGUO OBISPADO DE LA NUEVA GALICIA”“.

I hope that you may have found this map to be of use for your research.

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