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Get our free “Meet Your Ancestors Series” by joining our mailing list.

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  1. Moises Garza

    Mexican Newspaper Archives

    I want to thank Timothy V. Jones for sharing this amazing resource at the Mexican Genealogy Facebook community. The following resource is a project by the Hemeroteca Nacionad Digital de Mexico to digitize...
  2. Moises Garza

    500 Years of Mexican Documents

    A few months ago I was conducting research trying to get all the names of the people that came with Christopher Columbus to the New World and I came across a resource...

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This website Mexican Genealogy was born out of inquiry’s that I used to receive on my personal blog We Are Cousins. We Are Cousins focuses on South Texas and the Northern states of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Coahuila. An often question that I would get was “How do I get started with Mexican Genealogical Research?”. As a response I created this website to refer those inquiring. If you are also new I highly recommend that you sign up to our “Meet Your Ancestors” email series.

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